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In 2010 the government invented the “portal system”.  The idea was to have a process where minor injury accident claims could proceed via a simplified procedure that would save time and costs. The injured party would receive their compensation more quickly and the insurance companies saved costs.  The government extended the portal system to cover all claims valued up to £25,000 stating that such claims could be regarded as minor.

In theory the system works well but in practice the benefit is entirely for the insurance industry and not for the injured party.  The system is designed to force settlement of claims and it does this by fixing the costs that can be recovered from the insurer together with a timescale that can work against rather than for an injured party.

Under this system solicitors no longer write letters or call insurance companies but instead exchange information about an accident electronically.

Once your claim has commenced an insurance company should respond in a few weeks with an admission or denial of liability.  If liability is admitted a government appointed panel doctor will be selected to see you and prepare a report on your injuries.  The report is sent to the insurance company and your claim is settled.

We have found that our clients need even more help with portal claims than they did under the previous system.  This is because the process needs to be navigated carefully in order to produce an economic outcome and thus the best result for a claimant.

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