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Workplace accidents come in all shapes and sizes, as does financial compensation for victims.

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker. Regardless of their profession, every worker has the right to go to work every day secure in the knowledge...

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Damaging impact of workplace accidents exposed by latest Health and Safety Executive statistics.

If anyone doubts the vast impact of workplace accidents on individual workers in the first instance, and on the British economy in the second,...

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Lorry Drivers’ daily walkaround check can help reduce road accidents.

  Very few organisations operate without using the road. Millions of vehicles - lorries, vans, taxis, buses, emergency service vehicles,...

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Health and Safety Executive says dangerous machinery puts employees at risk in manufacturing sector

Oxford Accident Solicitors is backing The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as it urges British manufacturing companies to carry out the correct...

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5,000 workplace accidents every year involve vehicles, 50 are fatal. But who is responsible and when is compensation due?

Between them, the claims team at Oxford Accident Solicitors have many decades experience helping people who are unlucky enough to be injured...

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“It’s Good To Talk” … but not when you’re driving

It’s been two decades since BT’s “It’s Good To Talk” commercials hit our TV screens, fronted by much loved Cockney actor Bob Hoskins. If the...

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New protection for victims of accidents involving off-road vehicles on private land

Oxford Accident Solicitors welcomes a new High Court ruling which means that the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) is now obliged to indemnify claimants...

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Oxford Accident Solicitors back influential MPs in their opposition to government’s small claims plans.

A group of senior MPs is asking the government to abandon plans to increase the small claims court limit to £5,000 amid concerns about...

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As the nice weather finally makes an appearance, stay safe on your bicycle in Oxford in 2018.

After a frankly rotten winter, keen cyclists naturally can’t wait to get back out on the roads as spring finally kicks in. The numbers...

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Oxford Accident Solicitors supports ‘World Day for Safety and Health at Work’

As accident solicitors who spend our working days supporting people with claims after they have suffered accidents through no fault of their...

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